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About Parentology.Sg

Parentology.SG is set up to help parents understand financial topics ranging from grants, important money concepts for kids to analyzing of the various financial instruments and plans from insurers in the market today, assisting you in making well-considered decisions

Also in serving the community, our useful tips and content are also applicable for your parents’ as well. Staying up to date is even more important today and we hope right knowledge empowers you. 

We are not representing nor tied to any insurers. Neither are we a bank nor a financial institute and financial services provider. Hence, you can be well assured that the content we discuss are unbiased and neutral, on top of having no incentive nor objective to promote or market any specific financial products.

Parents deserve to be informed and be empowered with adequate financial literacy to make educated choices.


Who We work with

Parentology is an informative site set up by a collective group of people. They include:



Wordsmiths. Idea Conveyors. They shape thoughts and information into enjoyable stories and educational nuggets while straying away from technical jargons and pesky terms.

Broker / Advisors

Parentology.SG works with qualified & MAS Licensed advisors. They work with virtually all the insurers in the market to understand needs, where they filter and advice us. They make sure the information is correct and up to date. With real experience in the industry. Go on and drop us a message if you need to seek consult from our friendly advisors on an appointment or phone call basis!

Personal Finance for Busy Parents