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Singapore Childcare Guide 2023: Costs, Options, and Financial Planning

Childcare in Singapore 2023: Navigating Costs and Choices for Career-driven Parents

Embarking on the journey of parenthood while juggling a professional life requires a delicate balance. As you continue to scale the career ladder, ensuring your child’s well-being in a safe, nurturing environment becomes paramount. And let’s be real, the associated costs can’t be ignored. This comprehensive guide is tailored to aid discerning parents like you in weighing the options available and understanding the associated costs.

Unraveling the Childcare Cost Matrix in Singapore

The spectrum of childcare expenses in Singapore spans a wide range, influenced by factors such as your chosen childcare facility, who shoulders the caregiving responsibilities, and possible work accommodations on your end. Monthly expenses could range from virtually zero to a premium of over $2,500.

Childcare Options vs. Monthly Outlay

  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Essentially Free
  • Reliance on a Family Member: No Monetary Cost
  • Engaging a Domestic Helper: Between $780 and $910
  • Part-time Babysitting Services: Roughly $320 – $520
  • Full-time Babysitting Services: Approximately $620 – $1,450
  • Upscale Childcare Institutions: Ranging from $1,050 – $2,550 and above
  • Anchor Operator Facilities: Capped at $730 for full-day childcare and up to $1,290 for all-day infant care.
  • Partner Operator Services: A maximum of $820 for full-day childcare and about $1,420 for full-day infant care.

To make an enlightened decision, it’s essential to delve deeper into each option, from the most economical to the premium.

Option 1: Adopting Flexible Work Schedules Cost: $0

For parents keen on personally nurturing their children while juggling work, considering flexible work arrangements could be a win-win. This flexibility might involve part-time or full-time remote work, or simply variable hours at your workplace. Reflecting on the Circuit Breaker measures of April and May 2020 in Singapore, it’s evident that companies are open to remote working setups, and some even show interest in hiring parents working from home.

Engage with your current employer about potential flexible working opportunities or seek out companies known for such benefits. And if you’re in a position where a fluctuating income is feasible, freelancing could be a strategic choice, allowing quality time with your child.

Option 2: Relying on a Family Caregiver Cost: $0

Entrusting your child to a family member, be it grandparents, siblings, or in-laws, can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort for your little one. However, the level of care your relative can offer depends on their own commitments and health. For instance, an older family member might find it challenging to keep up with a bubbly toddler, while a younger one might have other engagements.

Pairing this approach with professional babysitting or enrolling in a childcare center might enhance the effectiveness of this solution.


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Option 3: Engaging a Live-In Domestic Helper

Estimated Monthly Cost: Approximately $790 – $910

For those hectic workdays that extend into evenings, hiring a live-in domestic aide primarily for childcare can be a boon. Yet, this choice comes with added layers of responsibility on your part.

Recognize that domestic helpers become an extended part of your family and work life. Catering to their basic needs and ensuring their well-being is crucial. Soften potential financial burdens by safeguarding them with insurance plans like Income’s Domestic Helper Insurance, ensuring holistic yet cost-effective coverage. An advantage of such policies, particularly the Enhanced version, is the daily compensation feature, which covers up to $35 per day if hospitalization is needed, for a maximum of 30 days.

Also, there are initial costs tied to hiring through a verified agency. To ease this financial load, you might want to explore “maid transfers,” where you employ domestic helpers seeking a change from their current employment in Singapore.

When outlining your budget:

  • Salary: The standard salary might hover around $460 – $580, with seasoned helpers possibly quoting slightly more.
  • Living Expenses: An estimate indicates approximately $270 monthly for necessities like food, utilities, and transportation.
  • Monthly Levy: Cater for a concessional levy of $60, especially if your helper will be tending to a child below 16 years.

Monthly Costs Overview:

  • Salary: Approximately $460 – $580
  • Living Allowance:
    • Necessities: Around $150
    • Day-to-Day Commuting: Nearly $100
    • Mobile Recharge: About $20
  • Maid Levy: $60 (at a concessional rate)
  • Aggregate: Roughly $790 – $910

Option 4: Engaging a Part-time or Full-time Babysitter

Part-time Monthly Cost: Estimated between $300 – $500 (based on $15 – $35/hour, 20 hours weekly) Full-time Monthly Cost: Estimated between $600 – $1,400 (based on $15 – $35/hour, 40 hours weekly)

Not keen on having someone reside with you? Opting for a babysitter, either for designated hours or throughout the working day, offers flexibility. Babysitters span a range of age groups and experience levels, from eager students to seasoned childcare professionals.

Typical hourly charges hover between $15 to $40. Here’s what influences these rates in Singapore:

  • Hiring Sources: Engaging a babysitter directly can provide some leeway in negotiation. Established agencies like ‘Find a Nanny’, ‘Nanny Pro’, and ‘Baby Carers’ typically have fixed rates.
  • Location of Service: Babysitters coming to your residence or minding your child outdoors generally demand higher charges compared to you taking your child to the babysitter’s place.
  • Nature of Service: Occasional or impromptu babysitting can be pricier than scheduled, long-term arrangements.
  • Timings: Using ‘Nanny Pro’ as an example, evening, weekend, or public holiday services can escalate to $40/hour, with overnight rates even reaching up to $45/hour.

These figures serve as guidelines. It’s essential to procure exact charges from the specific services you consider.


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Option 5: Exploring Childcare Centres

Childcare centres present children with a structured environment for both care and early social interaction, manned by qualified personnel. They typically cater to children below 7 and sometimes provide emergency, pre-school, or after-school services up to age 14. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Premium Childcare Centres
    • Monthly Cost: From $1,000 up to $2,500 or more.
    • Overview: These exclusive, privately-owned centres often boast specialized curricula, perhaps focusing on bilingual sessions or emphasizing arts and performance. They prioritize preparation for primary school and ensure a low student-teacher ratio for enhanced personal attention.
  • Anchor Operators
    • Monthly Cost: Up to $720 for full-day childcare, reaching $1,275 for full-day infant care.
    • Overview: Anchor Operators, including brands like ‘MY World Preschool’ and ‘My First Skool’, receive subsidies through the Anchor Operators Scheme, ensuring specialized yet affordable early childhood education. The fee caps at $720 for standard childcare, $1,275 for infant care, and $160 for kindergarten.
  • Partner Operators
    • Monthly Cost: As high as $800 for full-day childcare and $1,400 for full-day infant care.
    • Overview: Like Anchor Operators, Partner Operators receive government grants to offer value-for-money childcare services. Their fees are generally capped at $760 for regular childcare and $1,330 for infant care.

When settling for a childcare centre, finding the perfect match for your family’s requirements is paramount. The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) offers a detailed catalogue of centres in Singapore. Leverage ECDA’s Preschool Search Portal to identify a suitable preschool in your vicinity.

Government Support for Childcare in Singapore

While the costs of childcare in Singapore might seem intimidating, don’t let that dismay you. The Singapore government offers subsidies across various income brackets to make childcare more budget-friendly for parents. As long as your child is a Singaporean citizen and is enrolled in an ECDA-licensed infant or childcare center, you can access these subsidies. To determine the exact subsidy amount you qualify for, ECDA’s subsidy calculator can be a useful tool.

Preschool Subsidies Overview

Subsidy Type Applicable Institutions Monthly Benefits per Child Income Ceiling
Basic Subsidy All ECDA-licensed infant care/child care centers Up to $600 for full-day infant care; Up to $300 for full-day childcare No limit
Additional Childcare Subsidy (Primarily for working mothers, but also available to some non-working mothers under specific circumstances like job searching) All ECDA-licensed infant care/child care centers Up to $710 for full-day infant care; Up to $467 for full-day childcare (for children aged 18 months to 6 years) Gross monthly household income of $12,000 or less, or per capita income of $3,000 or less for larger households with at least 3 non-earning dependents
Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) MOE or Anchor Operator kindergartens Up to $161 Gross monthly household income of $12,000 or less, or per capita income of $3,000 or less for larger households with at least 3 non-earning dependents




Choosing the Right Childcare Arrangement

Your paramount concern as a parent is ensuring your child’s well-being and comfort. Yet, the challenge lies in striking a balance between the best childcare and effectively managing your professional responsibilities.

While cost is undeniably a major factor in your decision-making, you must weigh other facets like career growth, familial bonds, and personal aspirations. Sometimes, investing a bit more in childcare can ensure all other areas of life are aligned harmoniously.

The silver lining for Singaporeans is the available subsidies, which make quality childcare more attainable. With prudent financial planning, you can rest easy knowing your child’s well-being is not compromised.

Navigating the complex landscape of childcare in Singapore can initially seem daunting. However, with the right resources and knowledge at your fingertips, it becomes evident that there are myriad options available, tailored to fit every budget and family requirement. Whether through government subsidies, flexible work arrangements, or leveraging family support, there’s a solution for everyone. At the heart of every choice lies the well-being and growth of your child, and with thoughtful planning, you can ensure they receive the best, while you continue to flourish professionally.

 Every choice in parenting comes with its unique financial implications. Let us help you navigate these decisions with clarity and confidence. Our seasoned financial advisors are adept at understanding your family’s unique needs and crafting a tailored financial plan that ensures your child’s future is secure. Don’t leave your family’s financial well-being to chance.

Connect with our financial advisor today and set the foundation for a prosperous and worry-free tomorrow.




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