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Etiqa Enrich Flex Plan Review: Legacy Endowment With Competitive Returns

Etiqa Enrich Flex Plan Review: Legacy Endowment With Competitive Returns

Last Updated on May 13, 2022 by Parentology

With flexibility in mind, Etiqa’s flexible endowment plan, Enrich Flex is designed to have flexible cash withdrawal in life when you need it, and leave to compound should you not need it. This plan comes with versatility as well as endowment and protection elements.

It is especially helpful when it comes to preparing a sum of money for our children. As changes are so frequent in today’s environment, as well as giving our children the option to choose the path they want for their future, having flexibility and options are becoming more and more of a luxury. This plan helps to saves the amount to prepare for the event when you need it for children’s education or gift it to your children when they graduate to start their business.

Also, be assured in the event of death, this plan can be passed on to spouse or children with them as a Secondary Life Insured (SLI).

It is a legacy endowment plan that has the flexibility to withdraw the accumulated cash value when you need it and


Features At a Glance for the Etiqa Enrich Flex


Premium Term

  • Choice of regular premium of 10, 15 and 20 years.


Flexible Cash Value Access

Have the choice to withdraw your money whenever you need it. Cash value starts to accumulate and grow after the 1st year. As you can withdraw anytime, we strongly recommend withdrawing it after the 15th year when your capital has break even (more on this below).


Secondary Life Insured (SLI)

Choose to appoint a secondary life insured to continue accumulating your wealth and growing with them through their lifetime.

Policy will only expire on the 100th birthday of the primary policyholder (which is you). Even if the primary policy holder is no longer around (death occurs), the plan will act as an ongoing wealth compounding interest garnering instrument for the SLI.


Maturity Lump Sum

Receive a lump sum cash value at age 100 when the plan matures, together with the guaranteed and non-guaranteed yield and bonuses.


Capital guaranteed at Year 15

Your capital is guaranteed once the policy reaches its 15th policy anniversary regardless of your premium term.


Early Break-Even – Capital Guaranteed

  • Total Premiums paid (Capital) will break even at the 15th year of the policy regardless of the premium payment term.



  • Pays out in the event of death, tpd (total permanent disability is until age 70) as well as terminal stage illnesses


Guaranteed Issuance

  • No medical check-up, no health underwriting procedure. Issuance of the plan is guaranteed.


How Etiqa Enrich Flex Works

How Etiqa Enrich Flex Works
source: Etiqa


Comparison With Similar Plans

Etiqa Enrich Flex AIA

SmartWealth Builder II


$5,077.80 $5,000

Savings Term

20 Years

20 Years

Breakeven (Guaranteed) 15th year

15th year

Value at the end of 20th year $106,050

Plan continues to grow until you are 100 years old


Plan continues to grow until you are 125 years old


Conclusion for  Etiqa Enrich Flex

The Etiqa Enrich Flex is a flexible legacy endowment plan that has protection elements with the Secondary Life Insured (SLI) option as well as death coverage incorporated.

More insurers are heading towards this as a nod to the market’s need and demands for flexibility and versatility, which is useful for children’s education, buying term and investing and even retirement plans.

However when it comes to the right endowment policy, it is important to compare with similar products in the market to find out which gives you the most value, because at the end of the day, the commitment is on the policy holder.


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Based on your needs, a custom made solution will be adjusted only addressing your concern with no obligations nor hidden fees.

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