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Grants, Subsidies & Schemes

Subsidies, CDA, Baby Bonuses & more, Parenthood is a lifelong commitment as well as a financial one. Stay updated here!

Grants & Financial Literacy/ Parenting Finance

What Is This Resource About?

There’s a ton of information out there and to find the relevant one to your area of concern can be tricky at times. We grouped them into useful components and segments for parents below.

What Grants, Subsidies and Schemes are there for Parents?

Being a Parent means more than just welcoming a new life into your lives. We can’t just take a day off or spend like we used to. Housing locations now play a part and monthly budget takes into consideration of milk powder and diapers. 

When the kid grows up, their CDA turns into another account for other purposes. 

Also, aside for parents and parents-to-be, the various Grants, Subsidies and Schemes are also available for those trying to conceive.

They form a wide helpful aspect including areas like housing grants, cash gifts for your child, tax reliefs, paid leaves and even healthcare and conceiving schemes.

In these scenarios, find out about them in details and how you are eligible for the respective Grants, Subsidies & Schemes! 

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Baby Bonus

The Baby Bonus Scheme considers the costs of having a child. With the CDA benefits and the tiered-Cash Gifts, parents can use these benefits in different and various aspects for their children.


CDA Centre

Explore dollar matching schemes and learn how the Child Development Account (CDA) can be utilized for medical expenses, childcare centers, and educational courses. Get comprehensive insights on the CDA here.


Tax Reliefs

Discover essential financial support for raising a child, including Parenthood Tax Rebate, Grandparent Caregiver Relief, Qualifying Child Relief, and Working Mother’s Child Relief. Ensure you access the benefits you’re entitled to.


Housing Grants

Planning for a family involves housing considerations. Whether you’re a first-timer or looking at new or resale HDB flats, this section offers valuable insights for your housing journey.


Leaves & Entitlements

Learn about Government-Paid Childcare Leave (GPCL), Extended Childcare Leave (ECL) & schemes like Unpaid Infant Care Leave, fostering a supportive family environment. Dive into the details and expand your knowledge here!


MediSave & Healthcare Schemes

Explore medical schemes: subsidies, MediSave Maternity Package (MMP), using MediSave for delivery, pre-delivery consultations, ultrasound, and various delivery procedures. Discover more for parents and babies.

How Can They Help?

When it comes to family building, the available grants, subsidies and schemes aids in medical-expenses, childcare centres and even educational programmes for the child. They also aid financially to parents like the cash gifts, dollar matching of CDA from government, paid leaves and more.


Find Out How To Plan Better Financially

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are various pros and cons of both options, and you will need to carefully weigh these factors to make an informed decision. Estimating the cost, facilities as well as gynae’s expertise all takes into consideration.

    Pros of giving birth in a PUBLIC hospital in Singapore

    Pros of giving birth in a PRIVATE hospital in Singapore

    Less costly

    A more premium experience with private rooms on demand

    The hospital is better equipped to handle emergencies during or after birth

    You will be guaranteed an OBGYN of your choice

    You are more likely to have a midwife led birth if you request for it

    Quicker admin and check-in process due to the smaller volume of patients at the hospital

    Here we discuss the Pros & Cons in details: Giving Birth In Singapore: Should You Go To A Public Or Private Hospital?  

    There are many Maternity and Parenthood Schemes in Singapore and they include:

    • MediSave Maternity Package
    • MediSave Grant for Newborns
    • MediShield Life Coverage from birth
    • MediSave for Assisted Conception Procedures

    Read more here: All You Need To Know About Maternity And Parenthood Schemes In Singapore

    Give your child a head start in life by topping up his/ her CPF account! With an average returns of 4% annually, making voluntary contributions to your little one’s CPF account can help jumpstart his savings and give him a head start in preparing for his future. As your child cannot touch and squander away his CPF monies easily, it also does not remove the incentive for him to work hard for his own living.

    If you would prefer to go to a private hospital, the co-funding scheme will not apply. However, patients are still able to withdraw from their MediSave accounts to fund the treatment.

    Meanwhile, the funding is capped at three fresh and three frozen for the Assisted Reproduction Technology as the success decreases with each additional cycle and age. The co-funding for three fresh and three frozen cycles allows couples to freeze and store excess embryos from fresh cycles. They can then later follow up with frozen treatment if necessary.

    According to the Ministry of Health, the age criterion of 40 years old aims to strike a balance between the clinical evidence on reduced efficacy with increase in maternal age, but at the same time providing support to couples who may be unable to receive ACP early.

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